Berlei Sport: Coming Soon

Hi ladies, 

Last week our marketing department headed to Bisham Abbey's National Sports Centre in Berkshire to photograph our latest collections. This year already we've introduced Podium, the sports bra with a built in heart rate sensor, and Fresher, the sports bra designed to keep you cool and sweat-free during any workout, but take a look at our latest colours and ranges. 

Podium features an integrated heart rate sensor which means no more extra wires!


The Podium bra is available in two styles, racer back (A-D sizes) and a standard bra back (DD-G) sizes. and the range uses Wincool fabric which is designed to keep you cooler throughout your workout.  Podium is available in black or a very British blue, with red and white detailing, A-G and is £39. The matching briefs are available S-XL for £18. Buy yours here >


NEW: Hot Crop Top will be available in 4 different colours: blue, red, coral and purple from November 2014.

NEW: Running in Red available from October 2014.



Our best selling Underwired Running bra is currently available in 7 different colours with sizes ranges from a B-FF cup and 32-38 back size. In October we'll be introducing a red colour to the Underwired range featuring matching briefs. The Running bra won a bronze award in the Women's Running Awards 2013 for the Sports Bra of the Year.


We even took some new photographs of our current sportswear ranges. Above: Fit in Black/Purple


The Gold winner of Women's Running Magazine's Sports Bra of the Year 2013 competition. Fit is available in three different colours between a B-DD and 32-38.



No Sports Bra? No Sport



Sophie's Challenge: Pretty Muddy

Hi ladies, 

So, you may have heard that one of the girls at Berlei HQ thought it would be a fantastic idea to enter us into a 'fun run'. Firstly, I'd like to address the fact they are called 'fun runs' when I can categorically say I personally get no pleasure from running. To me people run when they need too, i.e. for the loo, or at a push...the bus! With some research done, the 'fun run' turned into the overall challenge of Pretty Muddy, a 5k, mud and an obstacle course set up by Race for Life!


Pretty Muddy Tees

Image: Our team t-shirts have arrived!

Having discovered I am not a runner you will understand the thought of having to run 5K with the added challenge of mud will certainly be a personal test for me to say the least. With this in mind I set out to try and learn how to love running...two months later and I'm still learning... My usual workouts consist of kettle classes, followed by a swim mid way through the week and if I'm lucky a 45 minute gym session thrown in for good measure, certainly not running.

My No make up self for Pretty Muddy!

Image: Taking part in the 'no make up selfie' trend to raise awareness of our mammoth task!


To help me on my way I started by sorting out a hardcore play list, full of songs that keep me upbeat, happy and most importantly, motivated! With Ellie Goulding's 'Burn' blasting through my ears I took to the road, constantly giving myself a goal in mind, "if I can just get to the next telegraph pole, you can slow down when you reach the top of the hill" and eventually I found myself running. I may not be loving it, but I'm doing it! With less than 3 months to go I am slowly getting there and if anything actually looking forward to rolling around in mud!


Let us know if you're taking part in a charity event this year on Facebook or Twitter and think about us on Saturday 13th September, go 'The Breast of British'!


Keep track of The Breast of British's progress here.


Sophie xx