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Daniella’s Challenge: Pretty Muddy

Hi ladies,

The countdown continues to the Cancer Research, Pretty Muddy event..somehow I agreed to run the 5K this year. I can’t decide whether I’m a good team player, or stupid, or both. They must have caught me on a good day! In all seriousness, it’s a great cause and I hope to raise lots of funds for Cancer Research.

Image: U Talk Marketing


Knowing that I’m terrible when it comes to fitness, it’s a great opportunity for me to start some training and put our Berlei sports bras to the test.

Fortunately for me, my local gym has offered me deal on a 6 weeks membership pass, so I’ll get to test out the Berlei bra much sooner than I thought…which is lucky as there’s less than 6 weeks left until I’ll be running the full 5K!

Image: Berlei sport 2014


My plan is to do plenty of jogging on the runnng machine to break me in gently, then attempt at running 5k! I’ll let you know how I get on… wish me luck.

Daniella x


Let us know if you’re taking part in a charity event this year on Facebook or Twitter and think about us on Saturday 13th September, go ‘The Breast of British’!



Keep track of The Breast of British’s progress here.

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